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    Global Summit 2017

  • Just a few days left...

    Here is All You Need to Know:

  • Our Vision:

    We are Curating an event for a global and diverse community of young innovators who empower each other to build a better world.


    Get ready for a mind-boggling schedule designed for personal and professional growth,

    discussing the future of community,

    and human evolution.

    And a lot of dancing!

  • Getting to Obonjan Island

    Get yourself to the Port of Šibenik, where the Obonjan Ferry will be waiting for you.

    The ferry is schedule to leave on Monday 29th at 12:00, 14:00, 18:00 and 21:00.

    Click the link below to access all info about transportation to and from the island!

  • Get Social With Us!

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What Are Obonjan’s Facilities?

    Bell Tents and Forest Lodges for 1 to 4 people will be available. The fee will include all meals with locally sourced ingredients and a high environmentally sustainable philosophy. Alcoholic drinks are not included in the fee, but you will be able to purchase some at the island's bars. There is also plenty of space for group activities, live music, and activities. Check out the Obonjan website for more information

    Business Model

    For this Summit, we are testing a model that could help our community become sustainable for the long term. Your Summit ticket price includes a 20% "community contribution". Tickets cover the full operational costs of making and running the Summit, and a minimum fee to pay for the time of those involved in the Summit's organizing committee.

    are available here in the Community’s Google Drive to keep absolute transparency in this process, should you have any further queries, let us know.

    How To Get To Obonjan?

    Obonjan island is centrally located within Croatia’s Adriatic coastline, next to town of Šibenik . Zadar and Split airports are the closest, with an onward journey time of only 45-60 minutes to the Port of Šibenik. Read more about transport to and from the island; including info on closest airports, bus options and boat schedule at Transportation Info doc.

    What Is Included In The Ticket Price?

    Your ticket includes accommodation of your choice at the time of purchase for 5 days/4 nights and all meals during the Summit, including breakfast, lunch and dinner each day (starting from Monday dinner). Drinks are not included in the ticket price. Bars are open whenever we have an event in a particular place of the island (e.g. amphitheatre bar only open when we're having a gathering there). Other places you can buy drinks are the drift bar restaurant (snacks, desserts, coffee anytime of day) and the pizzeria (open every night till late).


    Do you have ideas for exciting partnerships with high-impact organisations or media? Get in touch and let us know your idea, point of contact, and what would be the benefit of having this partnership.

    Travel Insurance

    Everyone needs to arrange their own health and travel insurance before arriving to the island.

    Who Is Organizing The Summit?

    The “Global Summit Committee” is made of the same team that organised the Panamá Summit - Jonah Brotman, Tia Kansara, Charles Michel - together with members that raised their hand in 2016: Melissa Alam, Will Curran, Brandon Kaufer, Asia Lindsay, Lucija Matic, Ines Santos Silva, Franco Amorosi and Charlotte Terrien. The team has a strong expertise in hospitality, event production, hosting, communications and community building

    Want To Volunteer?

    We’re looking for volunteers to help with some tasks prior to / during the summit, so if you’d like to raise your hand, please write us at globalsummit2017@gmail.com with a subject line “Volunteers”.

    Additional Ideas?

    How about launching a Hub in Croatia? Do you know amazing people in Zagreb or Dubrovnik? Do you want to suggest an activity? Make an artwork? Submit in the IdeasBox.

    What Is Our Vision?

    Most of us have been transformed positively by this community. There are several dreams we want to achieve and the Summits will be an important part of making things happen. We are creating our own festival - an incredible opportunity to gather amazing minds and souls to shape the future of this unique Global Nation experiment that is Thousand Network/Sandbox. For any other questions, please email us at globalsummit2017@gmail.com.